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  • Business Information Systems, Communication Science and Information  Engineering  Management  services.
  •  Supply Chain , Purchasing Agent, Customer Relationship Management.
  •  Business Process Re-engineering, Customer Service, Education, Bespoke Training.
  •  Application Software, Multimedia Learning Tools for Institutions, knowledge management services.
  •  Procurement, Outsourcing, Cooperate Training, Conference, Seminars, Workshops and Management.
  •   Renewable energy and waste management process.
  • Energy-Oil and Gas Procurement.
  • Web Services, Project management and Social and Environmental Development Management.
  •  Data mining focusing on neural networks(neuro marketing, neuron information)Case based reasoning,intelligent agents, Fuzzy systems.
  • Cloud Computing  management and  Security services
  •  Services Green server hosting sales, network, R&D Internet 
  •  Provision marketing , communications and services. 

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