ePromaG House
5 Biddenden Way, London.
SE9 3DN England.
ePromaG offers a wide range of services to businesses either before launch or during tough times.

Training & Development projects ePromaG consultancy, the gateway to advancement in information communication science and technology  projects.

Academic and Industrial research in area of but not limited to-Business Information systems, communication science, Information engineering and project management. 


Urban regeneration development, renewable energy and waste management. ePromaG  enabling advancement in  information communication science and engineering technology educational tools and applications. Bespoke for but not limited to schools, colleges, universities, public and private organizations ,EDU2EDU,SME, B2B, B2C, B2G and NGOs. We also undertake ICTM systems, Business relationship management systems, communication engineering and enabling advance innovations.

Research in area of but not limited to-Business Information systems, communication science, Information engineering and project management.E-families Supply Chain, Purchasing Agent, Customer Relationship Management. Web services, Collaborative research projects in all spheres of information science, technologies, renewable energy and waste management process and Tele-medecine.

 ePromaG Consultancy Team- Comes from diverse backgrounds including academia, specialist industries, public officials,NGOs  researchers ,Business marketing , management, communication systems specialist, educationists.  We can provide valuable range of skills and expertise to deliver highest standard of service to our clients and partners in sphere of technology management, service science,waste management and renewable energy.

Projects and Services

* Business Information Systems, Communication Science and Information  Engineering  Management  services.
*  Supply Chain , Purchasing Agent, Customer Relationship Management.
*  Business Process Re-engineering, Customer Service, Education, Bespoke Training.
*  Application Software, Multimedia Learning Tools for Institutions, knowledge management services.
*  Procurement, Outsourcing, Cooperate Training, Conference, Seminars, Workshops and Management.
*   Renewable energy and waste management process.
* Energy-Oil and Gas Procurement.
* Web Services, Project management and Social and Environmental Development Management.
*  Data mining focusing on neural networks(neuro marketing, neuron information)Case based reasoning,intelligent agents, Fuzzy systems.
* Cloud Computing  management and  Security services
*  Services Green server hosting sales, network, R&D Internet
*  Provision marketing , communications and services.

Clients and Partners